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Pegasus Physiotherapy provides rider physiotherapy assessment and treatment in Wirral, Cheshire & North Wales.

Every horse owner works so hard to keep their horse in tip top condition but sometimes forgets about themselves. Recent research has showed that riders in pain can effect the horses movement but people often don't seek treatment for themselves. Falling off, repetitive stable duties, work related conditions can all cause both short and long term pain and problems. 

Pegasus specialises in rider physiotherapy with assessment of the riders injury or pain in addition to their posture and movement. We are very excited to be working at the state of the art Racewood training facility in Tarporley, Cheshire where we can assess you on either the eventing or dressage horse. The data we get from the equestrian simulators provides information on your weight in the saddle (both left to right and front to back), rein pressure, position and pressure of leg aids. This information is available at a stand still, walk, trot and canter. The eventing simulator is the only one in the North West and provides additional information about your position when show jumping or doing cross country. Click here for more information about mechanical horse sessions.

A standard rider physiotherapy assessment will assess your postural strengths and weakness, looking for areas of asymmetry and stiffness to then be able to tailor treatment and exercises to improving your riding position and strength. You will have a home exercise program prescribed and advice for when in the saddle. 

A mechanical horse rider physiotherapy assessment will include all of the above but also in the saddle. Once you are accustomed to the different paces on the horse there will be a short test where the software will then collaborate the date to provide a graph which can be then used as a starter point for your session. During the session there may be manual therapy treatment or exercises off the horse in addition to exercises on the horse to work on your riding. The session will be tailored bespoke to what you want to work out. 



For physiotherapy on horse mechanical sessions you will need an individual assessment, subsequent sessions can be between two riders. 


Contact us to discuss if physiotherapy is appropriate for you

Rider physiotherapy can help with:​

  • Pain during or after riding

  • Improving performance

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Movement analysis

  • Injury prevention

  • Post surgical treatment

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Problems on one rein

  • Struggling with smooth transitions

  • Sports injuries

  • Back pain

  • Hip pain or stiffness

Pegasus Horse and Rider Physiotherapy

Shannon Edwards

Recommended to the end of the world works aswell on horses as she does humans ! works expecially for someone who really needs to stop falling off very excited for progress made

Dionne Fowler

Using the mechanical horse really allows Jen to give expert advice, taking digital readings of weight into consideration, combined with leg and hip positioning and how those factors effect you and your horses performance. 

Christine Lomas

Thanks Jen for your session today. I could really feel the difference. Now I have to practice. After work on my spine and a total hip replacement I feel I can confidently begin to ride again. Fantastic!

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