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Rider Physiotherapy

Pegasus Physiotherapy provides horse rider physiotherapy assessment and treatment in Wirral, Cheshire & North Wales.


At Pegasus we understand the demands of the different disciplines of riding but more importantly that you want to get back into the saddle ASAP! We also understand that you often want to improve your performance in competitions and we want to help you do that.

A rider physiotherapy assessment includes postural and movement analysis, as what you do on the floor you will most likely do when riding. It also includes assessment of joints, muscles, flexibility, strength and stability. We them discuss our findings with you and will create a treatment and rehabilitation plan for you.

You can have rider Physiotherapy when you are injured or in pain but also to help with things your instructor regularly tells you (mainly posture and symmetry!). If you are repeatedly told to correct the same thing you may not have the physical ability to maintain the position or movement asked of you. This is where a detailed Physiotherapy assessment can provide invaluable information to you. You also need to consider how your riding effects your horses movement as research begins to emerge showing correlations between riders in pain and lameness. Looking after yourself helps look after your horse as your optimise your relationship together. 

Following your assessment and treatment you will receive an email with a breakdown of your current movement patterns and the corrections if they need some correcting or tweaking. Clear photographs of you doing your exercise will help you do them at home.  (put on each page for humans).

Contact us here to discuss if rider physiotherapy is appropriate for you. 

Here are some examples of recent patients who have had rider assessments. 

  • Pain during or after activity

  • Improving posture

  • Riding anxiety 

  • Improved performance

  • Human/horse partnership

  • Sports injuries

  • Improving body awareness

  • Giving more effective aids

  • Improving the horse's way     of going

  • Treatment after falls

  • Problems on one rein

  • Difficulty with certain 

Physiotherapy can help riders with​:

Rounded shoulders and a forward head position happening throughout the day will be hard to correct when riding. Focus on small changes just by increasing your awareness frequently to help achieve big gains.

A forward jump position (photo on the left) can lead to poor balance for horse and rider, heels will come up and legs will swing back etc. Practising the squat position off the horse can help relearn the correct movement patterns needed for a good jumping seat. 

An excellent first session with Jen today - for my pony and me! Really appreciated Jen's patience with Leo, understanding that he is a nervous pony around strangers. After just 10 minutes Leo completely relaxed into the session, and the flexibility in his neck increased drastically after Jen worked some magic. From the first minute, the problem areas of Leo's body were spotted and worked on, and useful advice was given throughout. I know my homework (and think I need more treats!). As for my session, I was speechless at how quickly Jen assessed and corrected my posture - so I have some homework for myself too!! Great service this afternoon, thoroughly looking forward to Leo's and my own improvement! Thank you!

Megan Pritchard